The idea of shifting into a digital working landscape might seem intimidating or impossible for law firms but here at RHTLaw Taylor Wessing, we believe that gearing the legal industry towards digitization is imperative. We see technology as an enabler and multiplier.

We adapt to these changes and keep up with technological advances so that we are able to provide our clients intelligent and innovative legal and business solutions.

At RHTLaw Taylor Wessing, we have invested in the following technologies to further strengthen our capabilities in providing top-tier legal and business solutions to our clients.

Client Relationship Management System

  • A digital database built on intelligence and data that assists in identifying potential leads as well as tracking our client interaction for business development and growth opportunities. This allows us to better service our clients and strengthen relationships, values we hold dear at RHTLaw Taylor Wessing.

Near-Continuous Data Protection

  • Our business continuity plans allow us to return to operational levels quickly, ensuring that work and communication between our lawyers and clients are subjected to minimum disruption in the event of a disaster or system failure.
  • A secured remote access capability available to all staff enable us to cater to clients’ requests even when out of the office.

The DigiWall: A four-panel high definition media wall 

  • An avenue to showcase our comprehensive suite of service offerings and industry knowledge through corporate videos. 
  • keeping our clients abreast of upcoming events organized by RHTLaw Taylor Wessing and the RHT Group of Companies.
  • Syncing our digital platform with real-time news content. 

Wireless-enabled meeting rooms and video conference support 

  • Enabling our clients to seamlessly project their presentations or documents on a high definition television screen through the use of various devices, from traditional mobile desktops to handheld devices such as mobile phones or tablets.
  • Video conferencing facilities that allow the facilitation of meetings across the world.

Document Management System

  • An advanced and intelligent virtual filing system that allows effective document management, easy retrieval of files and tracking of any necessary follow-ups or amendments to the document.
  • A centralized system that heightens document security. 

Social Media

  • LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are portals we actively update in our mission to stay connected with our clients. These portals act as platforms for us to reach out to local and global clients by providing updates and business intelligence. Clients know that they have instant access to us should they require our assistance in any matters
  • As part of our commitment to embrace the digital age, we will continue to harness on technology and implement them to achieve the highest levels of efficiency and effectiveness for our clients.
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